Welcome to the website for residents of Carmarthenshire who are 50 and over.

Please Note

The Carmarthenshire 50+ forum annual event is nearly upon us, if you are trying to register online or phoning up for a registration pack, I’m afraid that the last member packs were distributed on Monday 10th to ensure that they arrived in time. Anyone that registered after Monday and would like to attend the event on Friday 14th September 2018 can join up on the registration desk at the front entrance to the gardens from 9.45am.

Apologies for this and hope to see you on the day.

Make sure that you sign up to the 50+ forum to join us on the day. Or you can sign up on the day to gain free access. See note above.

For further details and information on what is being distributed to Carmarthenshire 50+ members this week  (w/c 6 August 2018) please click on the links below:

50+ Event flyer

Carmarthenshire Life 2018

Annual Survey 18

Carmarthenshire Music Service (Christmas Concert flyer)

Dewis Cymru

Goldies Cymru 

For all enquiries please email 50+forum@carmarthenshire.gov.uk.

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Last year the annual 50+ Forum took place on Friday 15th September 2017 at the National Botanic Gardens. The event started around 10am and finished at 4pm. There was an exciting lineup of speakers, included the renowned entertainer, composer, singer, actress and script writer, Caryl Parry Jones in addition to information stands from over 40 organisations and a full range of activities.

For a full report including video footage of the main speakers in the marque please click here

Become a member of the 50+ Forum

If you would like to become a new member of the 50+ Forum please complete our online sign-up form and have your say

Membership of the Forum includes a number of benefits. For instance:

– invitation to attend the annual event at the Botanic Gardens

– opportunity to take part in the Annual General Meeting of the Forum

– participation in the Annual Survey regarding issues important to the 50+ age group

– being kept up to date with other events and sometimes offers available to older people eg Refresher Driving Sessions

– having your say in relation to consultations and services provided by the public sector

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Annual Member Survey

Each year members of the Forum are invited to complete an Annual Survey regarding key aspects of community life in Carmarthenshire. Members receive a paper copy of the questionnaire in addition to other information about the work of the Forum. We would like as many members as possible to complete the survey on line. In addition we would like members to register their interest in receiving more ad hoc mailings via email in the course of the year.Please use the contact form to advise us of your email address.

Latest Survey Results

To see a copy of the most recent survey ie  50+ survey 17 (September 2017) click here. The survey has now been analysed and the full results can now be seen here. However if you would just like to see the Headline Results of the survey please click here.

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Ageing Well

Did you know that Carmarthenshire has an Ageing Well Plan

The county plan reflects the priorities in the overall Welsh Government Ageing Well in Wales plan

Ageing Well in Wales is a national Programme hosted by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales. It brings together individuals and communities with public, private and voluntary sectors to develop and promote innovative and practical ways to make Wales a good place to grow older for everyone.

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Following consultation, in relation to the Ageing Well of older people,  the county council has published its Well-being Objectives for 2017-18

Objective 10: Age Well – Support the growing numbers of older people to maintain dignity and independence in their later years

Objective 11: Age Well – A Council-wide approach to support Ageing Well in Carmarthenshire.  For further details of the Well-Being Objectives click here.

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Carmarthenshire is a great county for walkers. Why not visit Walking Well Carmarthenshire, a 50+ Forum initiative.

Also Carmarthen Ramblers website for lots of walking routes all around West Wales and beyond


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