A Day Out at the National Botanic Gardens

Breaking News …….. The next Carmarthenshire 50+ Forum will take place on Friday 15th September 2017. The event starts around 10am and finishes at 4pm. There will be an exciting lineup of speakers, information stands and activities – more on this later as we get further confirmation of the details. Note the date in your diary – or your electronic calendar!

Last year Carmarthenshire’s 50+ Forum celebrated the annual event at the National Botanic Gardens in September 2016. This was a most ambitious and successful event with over 500 members in attendance and appreciative of the opportunities to hear from the Older People’s Commissioner Sarah Rochira, the Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe and well-known personalities and local representatives.

There was an opportunity to browse information stalls from over 40 organisations and take part in a range of free taster sessions from reflexology to indoor bowls. Not to mention time to walk the picturesque historic Garden. There was an opportunity to hear about TIME credits and discover how you can make a difference within your community, sharing and learning new skills, whilst earning a time credit – redeemable at many local and national attractions.


Older People’s Day – 1st October 2017

Sunday October 1st is officially Older People’s Day 2017, an International Day to celebrate the achievements and contributions that older people make to society.
The event is based on the International Day of Older Persons set up by the United Nations

In 2016 the Secretary General of the United Nations declared:

“The International Day of Older Persons is our chance to take a stand against the destructive problem of ageism.

While older persons are often said to enjoy particular respect, the reality is that too many societies limit them, denying access to jobs, loans and basic services. The marginalization and devaluing of older persons takes a heavy toll. It undermines their productivity and experience in the workforce, in volunteerism and through civil engagement while constraining their capacity for caregiving as well as financial and other support to families and communities. Ageism frequently intersects with other forms of discrimination based on gender, race, disability and other grounds, compounding and intensifying its effects.

Ending ageism and securing the human rights of older persons is an ethical and practical imperative. The stakes are high and growing. The global population of older persons is expected to rise from just over 900 million in 2015 to 1.4 billion by 2030 ………..

I condemn ageism in all its forms and call for measures to address this violation of human rights as we strive to improve societies for people of all ages. This demands changing the way older persons are portrayed and perceived, from being seen as a burden to being appreciated for the many positive contributions they make to our human family.

I also call for greater legal guarantees of equality for older persons to prevent ageism from resulting in discriminatory policies, laws and treatment. I urge policy makers to compile better data and statistics on older persons’ health, economic status and general wellbeing in order to better address their concerns. And I hope we will all reflect on our prejudicial attitudes and consider how, as individuals, we can counter ageism.

Let us mark the International Day of Older Persons by forcefully rejecting all forms of ageism and working to enable older persons to realize their potential as we honour our pledge to build a life of dignity and human rights for all.

Ban Ki-moon

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