Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Responses to Forum surveys have shown just how important these topics are to the 50+ age group in Carmarthenshire.  Getting these things right is key to being able to enjoy and make the most of life as we get older.  As well as the Forum’s own project, Walking Well Carmarthenshire, here are a few websites that Forum Members have found useful in these areas.How and where to get help with daily living.

Adult ProtectionClick here

It is not always the case that adults are able to protect and care for themselves.  Some adults are particularly vulnerable to abuse and having their human rights routinely disregarded.

Assisted Refuse CollectionsClick here

If you are elderly, infirm or disabled and require assistance to place your refuse at the kerbside ready for collection.

Community ServicesClick here

Information on Day Centres, Meals on Wheels and Community Lunch Clubs.

Housing AdaptionsClick here

with the right kind of home, someone with a disability or mobility problem can continue to enjoy living independently.

Older Peoples ServicesClick here

We can arrange and provide services for older people with care needs, to maximise their quality of life and independence despite frailty or illness.

Health Challenge CarmarthenshireClick here

From details of exciting events in Carmarthenshire you can take part in, to practical advice on any of My Health topics. Our aim is to encourage and support people to lead happy and healthy lives by providing information about local activities and services as well as links to the most up to date advice on a range of health related issues.