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A Great Day Out at the National Botanic Gardens

The 2018 Forum took place on Friday 14th September 2018. The event started around 10am and finished at 4pm. There was an exciting lineup of speakers, including Helena Herklots, the new Commissioner for Older people in Wales and Huw Iranca-Davies, the Welsh Government Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care in addition to information stands from over 40 organisations and a full range of activities.

The activities and taster sessions included subjects such as Dementia Friends, Carmarthenshire Is Kind, poetry, reflexology, shared reading, hearing loss, education-patient programme, sepsis, Nordic Walking, Walking Well Carmarthenshire, digital inclusion, yoga and more.

In addition there was a chance to enjoy music provided around the Gardens by Carmarthenshire Music Service.

Over 500 Forum members flocked to the Gardens and over 200 members packed the marque to hear the speakers including Councillor Linda Evans, Councillor Jane Tremlett, Ceri Wyn Jones, the well known poet and broadcaster, Julia Wilkinson, pioneer of initiatives such as Carmarthenshire is Kind and ‘social prescribing’ and Claire O’ Shea, campaign manager for the Campaign to End Loneliness and of course the special guests Helena Herklots and Huw Iranca-Davies

2018 50+ Forum speakers

The session also included an address from the chairman of the Forum, Peter Loughran and the business of the AGM. The current members of the Forum steering group were re-selected and the new members appointed.

Please click on the links below to see the full videos of the speakers. Our thanks to Alud Jones from CVC Media who recorded the event.

Cllr Linda Evans, Ageing Well Champion

Cllr. Jane Tremlett, Dementia Champion

Helena Herklots, Older People’s Commissioner

Ceri Wyn Jones, Welsh poet and broadcaster

Peter Loughran, 50+ Forum Chairman

Huw Irranca-Davies, Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care

Julia Wilkinson and Claire O Shea

Complete Playlist of the presentations

This is what Cllr Emlyn Dole had to say about the event:

Carmarthen Journal – Council Leaders article on 19th Sept 2018

Let’s all do our bit and be kind to one another

There’s lots to be said about the wisdom that comes with age and experience and that was evident at the 50+ annual forum at the National Botanic Gardens on Friday as hundreds of people gathered to discuss the benefits of being kind to one another.

It was a record breaking turnout for the event where people had the opportunity to make new friends, get information from a range of services and hear keynote speeches on various topics of interest.

It was also an opportunity to seek the views of people on the range of services the council and our partners provide.

Talk of the day though was the concept of kindness and encouragement that great things are possible with only the most simple acts of generosity.

According to scientific research, performing an act of kindness can improve mental health and even relieve physical pain. It also develops strong meaningful relationships and friendships.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture – being kind could simply mean having a chat with the neighbour over the garden fence or it could be offering to fetch something for a friend when you nip into town.

So let’s all do our bit and be kind to one another – it costs nothing but so much can be gained in return’.

50+ Forum 2017

The special guest was the well-known entertainer and broadcaster Caryl Parry-Jones. If you would like to see the full talks by the various speakers please click on the following links

Caroline Streek, chairman of the 50+ Forum

Councillor Linda Evans, CCC

Councillor Jane Tremlett

Ros Jervis, Director of Public Health Wales for Hywel Dda Health Board

DC Gareth Jordan, Cyber Security Unit, Dyfed Powys Police

Caryl Parry Jones, guest speaker

Please check the 2017 event flyer for further details

Speakers at 50+ event

50+ Forum 2015

Some of you will remember the very entertaining talk by our main guest speaker, the broadcaster and founder of Childline Esther Rantzen. You can see the full talk at the Botanic Gardens by clicking on the link.

The other speakers at the event included:

Mark Drakeford, Welsh Government minister for Health and Social Services

Councillor Linda Evans, Carmarthenshire County Council

Councillor Jane Tremlett, Carmarthenshire County Council

Later in the morning Esther went for a walk-about in the Great Glasshouse and met stall holders and members of the Forum

Esther meeting stall holders in the Great Glasshouse

Older People’s Day – 1st October 2018

Monday October 1st is officially Older People’s Day 2018, an International Day to celebrate the achievements and contributions that older people make to society.
The event is based on the International Day of Older Persons set up by the United Nations

In 2016 the Secretary General of the United Nations declared:

“The International Day of Older Persons is our chance to take a stand against the destructive problem of ageism.

While older persons are often said to enjoy particular respect, the reality is that too many societies limit them, denying access to jobs, loans and basic services. The marginalization and devaluing of older persons takes a heavy toll. It undermines their productivity and experience in the workforce, in volunteerism and through civil engagement while constraining their capacity for caregiving as well as financial and other support to families and communities. Ageism frequently intersects with other forms of discrimination based on gender, race, disability and other grounds, compounding and intensifying its effects.

Ending ageism and securing the human rights of older persons is an ethical and practical imperative. The stakes are high and growing. The global population of older persons is expected to rise from just over 900 million in 2015 to 1.4 billion by 2030 ………..

I condemn ageism in all its forms and call for measures to address this violation of human rights as we strive to improve societies for people of all ages. This demands changing the way older persons are portrayed and perceived, from being seen as a burden to being appreciated for the many positive contributions they make to our human family.

I also call for greater legal guarantees of equality for older persons to prevent ageism from resulting in discriminatory policies, laws and treatment. I urge policy makers to compile better data and statistics on older persons’ health, economic status and general wellbeing in order to better address their concerns. And I hope we will all reflect on our prejudicial attitudes and consider how, as individuals, we can counter ageism.

Let us mark the International Day of Older Persons by forcefully rejecting all forms of ageism and working to enable older persons to realize their potential as we honour our pledge to build a life of dignity and human rights for all.

Ban Ki-moon