Walking Football is coming to a Leisure Centre near you!

The Actif Communities team are excited to announce the launch of three new weekly Walking Football sessions across Carmarthenshire.

As the name suggests, walking football is an adapted version of the traditional sport where players walk instead of running or sprinting. This exciting and inclusive sport encourages people to stay active regardless of their age, fitness level and ability

Not only are there lots of health benefits, walking football can be the perfect opportunity for those looking to make new friends, have fun and try something new.

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Saron Cuppa Club

Great 50 plus session today at Saron.  There were 43 people present at this really welcoming and vibrant group. We had a great chat about a range of topics. Group leader is Lynne Woods and she is pictured displaying an award the club won recently. About ten 50 plus members present and we had 6 new joiners.

Thank you Saron for a great welcome.

Wyn Llewellyn

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Whether to Weather

Looks as if we’ve got another General Election, so the question is whether to weather?  Will we put ourselves out on a winter’s day to go and vote?  Yes we should.  We should let them know what we think, whatever our choice is.

Elections are traditionally not held during the winter months.  Its incredible to think that the last one was in 1974.  The last December one was a century ago.  I think there were not many of us 50+ gang who could claim to have voted then.

Why is this?  Well because of the weather.  Even in early December it can be treacherous.  Some years ago there was a Winter Fair in the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells where there was a record temperature of minus 15 degrees.  Every toilet except one was frozen solid, and in the National Trust shop the snow domes on sale had frozen solid.  A few years before that here in Carmarthen on the first Saturday in December we had a sudden shower in the early hours which then froze to a sheet of sheer ice.  Hardly anyone could venture out, all events had to be cancelled and many shops could not open.

What could we do?  Nothing.  But there is something we can all do to prevent having to go out on Election day if the weather has turned bad.  We can prepare now by getting ourselves a postal vote. All you have to do is telephone Carmarthen County Council on 01267 234567 and ask them to send you an application form for a postal vote. Or download one on your computer. This way you can vote and stay safe.

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October Newsletter

the October newsletter is here – just in time before the end of the month!


2019 October Newsletter

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Bytes & Bites a big success

Yesterday saw our first ever Bytes and Bites event in Carmarthen, Digital Communities Wales trained young people from Dr Mz’s to teach older folk how to use technology.

Feedback has shown that this was a great event for all concerned and we have a waiting list of people wanting us to do more.

We need venues, catering, volunteers to be trained, young people to teach us. So if any of you work in schools, colleges, libraries, churches anywhere that an event can be run please let us know.

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Annual Event 2019 – Review and Photos

Have a look at our page covering this year’s event.  Let us know (by email) about what you enjoyed, what we could do better and your views on next year.

See Our Page covering the event

If you have some photos you would like to share mail them to us and we’ll try to add them.

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Everyday Ageism

On the 22nd October, the Older People’s Commissioner is launching her #EverydayAgeism campaign.

As part of launching the campaign, we would love to hear from someone who has:

  • Experienced ageism
  • Been treated differently because of their age
  • Had a change in their community which hadn’t taken account of the needs of older people

If you would like to let us know your experience, and would also be willing to speak to the media on the day, please get in touch by phone on 02920 445 030 or email Richard.Jones@olderpeoplewales.com  

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Post Office Card Accounts to be withdrawn


Government provides initial details on end of POCA The Post Office Card Account (POCA) has been a payment mechanism for state benefit and pension claimants since 2003. However, parliamentarians, both in Westminster and the Welsh Assembly, continue to raise concerns that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) discourages claimants from using POCAs. The DWP and government have always actively promoted payment into bank accounts as an alternative, in line with wider financial inclusion policy. Bank account payment is also significantly cheaper for the DWP. 1 As of October 2018, around 1.2 million people were using POCAs. There is also a Payment Exception Service run through PayPoint outlets, for benefit recipients who neither have a bank account or a POCA. The government has now confirmed that before the end of the POCA contract in November 2021, the DWP will implement an alternative payment service which allows claimants to obtain cash in their local area. This will be available for claimants and pensioners who are unable to open a mainstream account. The government states that as we approach the end of the POCA contract, the DWP and POL will issue joint guidance on POCA users’ options to transfer to other payment methods. Meanwhile, POL is tendering for a prepaid card system for people who are financially excluded.

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Get online week – Bytes and bites

Carmarthen 18, October


Afternoon tea followed by young people helping older people to Get Online, the youngsters will have been trained by Digital Communities Wales, the 50+ Forum, local Town Council and Dr Mz are all getting involved. Please call the number below or send an e mail if you are attending.

This event is open to the public.


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Kerbcraft is a national road safety scheme, funded by the Welsh Government and delivered by Carmarthenshire County Council.  It aims to teach children from age 5-7 how to be safer pedestrians by taking them on the real roadside and showing them how correct decision-making and behaviour can really help them to stay safe.

It is a vital skill that if taught at this age will remain for life. Our aim is to reduce child pedestrian casualties.


Practical Road-Side Training has proved to be the best way of helping young children to stay safe when near or crossing roads.

The children are taken out of school by trained staff and volunteers, in groups of no more than three per adult to learn 3 main skills:

  • Choosing safe places to cross the road
  • Crossing safely near parked cars
  • Crossing safely near junctions

Each skill is practiced at several different locations over a period of 10 weeks, in total 10 sessions are completed by the children, following this they receive their certificate.


Who can be a Volunteer?

Mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, school governors and friends of the school.

Can you, or anyone you know, spare 2-3 hours a week to be a KERBCRAFT Training Volunteer? You could be helping to save a life one day. The Kerbcraft co-ordinator will provide all volunteers with full training and support.

It’s a very rewarding experience.

To volunteer or to find to find out further information please contact our Kerbcraft co-ordinator:-

Alex McDowall:  AJMcDowall@carmarthenshire.gov.uk Tel no. 01267 228289

If you are a parent, teacher or school governor and want to find out about starting Kerbcraft in your school, please contact the Kerbcraft co-ordinators



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