Whether to Weather

Looks as if we’ve got another General Election, so the question is whether to weather?  Will we put ourselves out on a winter’s day to go and vote?  Yes we should.  We should let them know what we think, whatever our choice is.

Elections are traditionally not held during the winter months.  Its incredible to think that the last one was in 1974.  The last December one was a century ago.  I think there were not many of us 50+ gang who could claim to have voted then.

Why is this?  Well because of the weather.  Even in early December it can be treacherous.  Some years ago there was a Winter Fair in the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells where there was a record temperature of minus 15 degrees.  Every toilet except one was frozen solid, and in the National Trust shop the snow domes on sale had frozen solid.  A few years before that here in Carmarthen on the first Saturday in December we had a sudden shower in the early hours which then froze to a sheet of sheer ice.  Hardly anyone could venture out, all events had to be cancelled and many shops could not open.

What could we do?  Nothing.  But there is something we can all do to prevent having to go out on Election day if the weather has turned bad.  We can prepare now by getting ourselves a postal vote. All you have to do is telephone Carmarthen County Council on 01267 234567 and ask them to send you an application form for a postal vote. Or download one on your computer. This way you can vote and stay safe.

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